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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sharpening Dull Clay Blades - KJottman1

Awesome Pebeo Prisme + Moon Fantasy Paint - Mandarin Duck

This video tutorial provides a preview and useful tips of making an amazing paint effect by using Prisme Fantasy and Prisme Moon paints by Pebeo. These painting techniques can be used for painting on wood, polymer clay, metal and other popular surfaces and it can create honeycomb, marble, natural cell effect. You can use it in combination with resin, mica powders and glitters. This tutorial also features painting time lapse of how this paint effect works in high speed.

Script for this tutorial in english:
Paint using instructions:
Pebeo Official page ( more about this paint):

★ Purchasing places:
These items are widely available for UK, EU, US and other international customers on Ebay and local internet shops and craft stores!

° Prisme Fantasy by Pebeo
° moon Fantasy by Pebeo
° Gede Crystal Resin by Pebeo

★ Photo Credits:

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