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Monday, August 19, 2013

Butterfly Wing Cane & Necklace - Desiree McCrorey

The Butterfly Wing Beads are delicate, yet easy to create. Each bead is a little different making the finished necklace have great interest. Special thanks to Desiree McCrorey who devised the Butterfly Wing Beads technique.

Premo! Sculpey: White - 2 oz -- 2 blocks
Premo! Sculpey: Black - 2 oz -- 1 block
Premo! Accents: Pearl - 2 oz -- 1 block
Premo! Sculpey: Cadmium Red - 2 oz -- 1 block
Premo! Sculpey: Cadmium Yellow - 2 oz -- 1 block

Mix Black and Pearl to create a Gray Metallic. Create large bullseye cane: Using the White (3 ounces) create a log about 2 ¼“ long. With the Clay Con ditioning Machine on setting #1 create a sheet of the Gray Metallic clay. Wrap the White log with this sheet of Black clay creating the bullseye.

Create a light Yellow color by mixing White and Some of the Cadmium Yellow. Create a Skinner blend of the Cadmium Yellow, the Light Yellow and the Cadmium Red.

Take the finished Skinner Blend, fold the top and bottom to the middle forming a rectangle. With the Clay Conditioning Machine on setting #3 put the blend through the long way.

Reduce the bullseye cane to about 3/16“ diameter. Cut the reduced cane so that the pieces fit accross the blend. Leave as little space between the cane pieces as possible.

Roll up the sheet with the cane pieces creating a new complex cane. Reduce it carefully trying to avoid air between the layers. The diameter of the reduced cane should be about 1“. Trim the ends.

Cut the new cane into 2“ segments. Take the round cane pieces and press them to rectangles, using the acrylic roller and your hands.

Use the Super Slicer flexible blade to cut the beads. Holding the blade in both hands bend the blade to an arch the length of the rectangular cane piece. Cut down.

STEP 8 Turn the bead around and cut the other side the same way.
STEP 9 Leave the most recent cut in place and turn the cane ¼ turn and cut again. Cut the other side of the bead in the same manner. Be careful to have the cuts meet evenly so the bead is as even as possible.
STEP 10 Pierce the beads end to end with the needle tool.
STEP 11 Use the scrap to create round beads in a couple of different sizes. Cover the beads with left over slices of the butterfly wing beads. Smooth in the palm of your hands. Pierce holes with the needle tool.
STEP 12 Bake the beads as directed above and allow to cool. Bake the beads on fiberfill to avoid shiny spots. Sand and buff if desired.
STEP 13 Put a long eye pin in each of the butterfly wing beads. Trim the ends and create a small loop that matches the other end. Put a shorter eye pin in the round beads and follow the same procedure as with the larger beads.
STEP 14 Use a short eye pin and fill with some of the White farfalle beads. Trim eye pin as needed and form loop to match other end.

STEP 15 Create a pleasing arrangement and connect beads with the jump rings. Add toggle clasp with jump rings.

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