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Monday, November 23, 2015

THE Tool Every Polymer Clay Artist Must Have...Seriously! Secret Tool Series Pt 2

Each of us were drawn to Polymer Clay for different reasons. For me personally... I adore clay because it's the Only medium that can mimic all of my passions in 1 fun filled playground! I love stained glass, Polymer can do that! I Love blown glass beads, mosaic work, natural & polished gemstones, ornate stone settings, & above all - I Adore millifiore & blown glass paperweights. Our polymer clay can do all that, and then some! We can perfectly duplicate carved ivory & bone (without ever harming a lovely critter), I enjoy covering boxes of cardboard, canisters, wood boxes, fired raw (unglazed) ceramic pieces, ceramic pots & vases & metal pieces of all types. And, of course... where would we be without a whimsical teapot or some uber cool steampunk art in our eye candy collection. Even wonderful delicate jewelry pieces NEED this secret weapon... & I've never heard anyone discuss them

Weapon #2 & THE Most Wonderful Tool:

Like Superman... they are quiet, boring, unassuming
Until it's time for them to rock our playground!

Plain old 'white' glue is categorized as PVA glue – PolyVinylAcetate. I positively
refuse to bore any of you with 'scientific' mumbo jumbo, so let's just say... they
are a match made in heaven! It can be used wet or dry & has 1001 different
clay related uses. I've been using it since 1995, not only has it opened a whole
new universe of 'Clay Play' possibilities in jewelry making, but... in
understanding the basics of PVA – it opened a whole new world of items I
can play with. Resin statues from thrift stores (ugly as sin) can be breathtaking
covered in clay. A ceramic pot with a big chip is like new & stunning
combined with a lovely clay coat. Plain old cardboard boxes become works
of art. ANY item other than 100% plastic is fair game now. PVA doesn't just
seal – it creates a 'suction cup' type of finish... NO more air bubbles!

Here's a few examples of 'thinking outside the box.

 Raw Unglazed Ceramics                     

  I pick up pieces at ceramic stores
  & thrift stores. Inexpensive! Slap on
  a coat of glue with 1 of those cheap
  sponge brushes, allow to dry for an
  hour & put on a 2nd coat. Wait
  another hour & you will have a perfect
  non-pourous surface & your clay will
  stick like magic with NO bubbles!

Ceramic Tiles are in Clay!

Coat tiles & then create 1 single
tile OR create an entire mural 
as a backsplash for your sink. 
I'll even be sharing tutorials for 
mosaics & other fun stuff.
Raw = 2 coats of glue.
Already sealed = 1 coat.

FREE pattern books to come


Any Glass ~ Etched, Labels  or Raw,  etc
Glue creates a type of suction cup action on glass (& ALL non-porous surfaces). 
No more air bubbles!
Raw = 1 coat glue.    Paint, labels, etc = 2 coats

ANY Wood ~ Raw OR Sealed
How about a raw wood cutting board to hang on wall?
 2 coats of glue & you are good to go. 
$1 Stores here in Las Vegas sell raw wood bird houses, statues & photo frames.
Let your imagination soar! 
                                             Raw = 2 coats glue.      Already sealed = 1 coat


Use Everywhere
you might think
about using Liquid
Clay for strong
sturdy pieces that
will last, even with
a lot of handling

Secure Jewelry Joints
Locks all joints, findings & even
multiple stamped
sheets sturdy as soldering

Other 'White' Glue Benefits:
Can fill a Crack or Chip
Rubbery, has a bit of Flexible to it
Strong to handle Heavy Needs 
Can be Used while wet OR dry
If used after drying - forms suction
Strengthens Fragile Objects
Good even outdoors & in heat/cold
Sets quickly Without a heat gun
Dries clear with a glossy sheen
Can be tinted with acrylic paint, chalk & inks

ALSO Used for Specialty Techniques we'll be looking at like:
Faux Cloisonne', creating Cabochons & several other techniques 

Best of all, it's dirt cheap - WooHoo!
I stock up on Elmers All Purpose at the 'back to school' sale.
 Then I simply buy a gallon here or there from Dick Blicks

         Go ahead, 
   build that Teapot

            Build your 
    Heavy Journal
cover on Cardstock

       Have Fun 

See the Next 2 Posts for a few more Secret Claying Tools
#1: Never Sand Again ~ #2: Save HUGE $ on your Clay
& as always... Happy Claying

NOTE: Alice Stroppel has done it yet again... 
shared her Brilliant idea to store canes for easy access.
you can read the whole story right here...      Alice Stroppel Studio 215  
Be sure that you sign up for her Email OR G+ OR Bloglovin - She Rules!

Meanwhile - her post recommends clear plastic stackable storage bins for cane display
Since PC & hard plastic aren't compatible, 
she recommends tempered glass sheets for each tray.

This is an Excellent idea!

IF your budget is tight OR the support the trays sit on 
can't handle the extra tempered weight...
get out your 'White Glue'

Put on 2 coats with 1 hour dry time in between & You will be good to go
& don't forget to do the side walls, just in case a cane touches

Ok, now for a heads up on how to avoid sanding... ever!
Happy Claying 

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