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Thursday, September 8, 2016

She's Backkk

Only for 10 minutes... but she IS back!

I sought legal counsel & this blog is Definitely here to stay - Yay!
For those that are students of art, whether it be polymer clay or you enjoy a wide
variety of artistic mediums to express yourself, you will have a place to come for your
favorite tutorials under one roof.

My studio is being moved right now & will be nestled in at it's new home over the next
few weeks. I will come back ready to share the techniques for doing 'Landscapes' &
the most intricate canes ever imagined... all unique concepts. And I have hundreds more
tutorials to post Plus some programs to store here you will be able to access that will
greatly enhance your artistic ability.

So, to all fellow students that believe Every day is another opportunity to learn something
new & exciting, I look forward to the next step in our shared learning experience.

Until I return, Happy Learning and Claying
ClayPlay Liz

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