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Friday, March 1, 2013

Faux Black Opals in Resin - T SummerLee

Materials used: Envirotex Lite epoxy resin, black mica powder, cellophane glitter, molds, mixing cups and a mixing stick.

DO Not coat mold. Resin will pop right out after curing.

Resin purchased from Michael's.

I get the sheets of cellophane known as "metallic tissue paper" at the Dollar Tree. I don't know if they have it in your area but in my stores it's near the gift bags and such... and guess how much? A dollar. :)

** Famowood (brand resin) that you have a lot more working time. It takes it a lot longer to set up in the mold, so be sure and let it cure good before removing it from the mold. Also if you get air bubbles when you pour, just blow on it and they come to the top

*** Some tips to save money, just buy clear irridescent cellophane like Easter grass (comes in pink, green, blue etc), wrapping paper, bags, tinsel, snow flakes etc.; cut it up into small pieces and use. Just make sure the cellophane doesn't have a backing to it like paper or foil. I also used black iron oxide (1lb. ebay ) instead of mica. You have to let the clear resin harden then pour the black

**** Michael's craft store in the section for gift wrap supplies- they have bags of different color cellophane already cut up! Red, green, yellow, purple , blue and white.

***** I found a site where you can the cellophane glitter. The site is and the cellophane glitter is called Party Ice. The prices are pretty good.You can buy it by the pound or they have shakers and little packets.

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