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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Teacher, A Student, an EXPERT & Copyright Laws

    As I sit with an upset tummy, a heavy heart & totally mixed emotions on this topic, I come to you with a dilemma. Giggles, funniest thing is that only a handful visit this site, so I may be babbling thoughts that are lost in outer space without ever reaching a human ear. All the same, this my feeble attempt to address THE most 'touchy' subject within the Polymer Clay community... Legal 'Copyright Laws' & questions of 'moral & ethical' behavior. A Huge conversation because... what is LEGAL & what is ethical is 2 very different things.

Perhaps we should roll back a bit? Here is a comment on my site...

What, if anything, do I personally say about ArchiDee? 
Here's a link to her Page on my site... inc EVERY way to see her on the web:

Under several paragraphs applauding her talent, you will see..
She does in person seminars teaching her Very Intriguing Techniques that will astound you. Make certain you grab a front row seat if the opportunity presents itself & be sure to check out ALL her links below.
Be sure to 'LIKE' & subscribe to her YouTube Channel...

and you can see reviews & clay related info at Archidee Plus
Awesome LOW prices on tutorials & handmade items in her shop

Review the entire page, & then hit a link to 1 of her tutorials I had posted here...

You will note, The title is the same as on her YouTube site & her name is listed as the author.
There is Also a hot link right below the video to her 'Master Artist' page. 
I have advertised for HER & promoted HER.And, of course... a bit over a year ago she was thanking me.

So, fast forward to the other day & what was I shown?1st, a rant by ArchiDee that I have stolen her work & put my name on it, of course I didn't. That was followed immediately by this...

Seriously ??? Seriously??? OMGosh, some people will say anything, & how quickly everyone jumped onboard. Money from YouTube traffic... really???
Let's see a you tube post.

First, notice - NONE of my posts EVER had a name or title... every 1 had a numerical name, Period!

#2 - I have NEVER put a TAG on a post - EVER! That means absolutely noone sees my posts - EVER! They were there for 1 reason... to have a place online that inc a container (video player) so I can link to them. Why? Very simple - if I went to YouTube & typed in Red Polymer Fimo Flower to reference a video viewed at another time... good luck finding it again.

8/2010 Stat 
YouTube, a popular video streaming site, now streams more than three billion videos per day 

So, I know exactly where the post is, let's take a peak at what ANYONE who went to that page would see. Because I don't / won't use tags... as you can see - playlist at right is all but empty. The video is about a 'jewelry wiring technique' & look at the right... 1 polymer video (probably because it's someone I follow), a 'molding' video (because I follow them) & random silliness that probably all have a number within their tags.

There are content settings that I'm sure can be set to link to accounts or sites that generate money, but it has NOTHING to do with me. Look closely here at my site... NO Advertising - none, nada, zilch... Zero. 
I'm not generating 1 penny, for myself or anyone else. 

The internet is a glut of information... more than I can begin to keep track of. There are sites out there who trample on artists in such blatant fashion, it's frightening! I DON'T fall into that category. I can say with ABSOLUTE certainty that Pinterest has posts which are of tutorials I have paid for, hence I know at some point someone got their mitts on that tut, posted it and then shared their socks off. Although I've purchased literally 100's of tutorials over the years... I've never reposted 1. NOT because of the LAW, but because of a sense of 'Moral Obligation'.

 I'm so sick of the Fanatics bandwagon. Instead of ranting about how I should 'smoke a turd in hell'... YOU should be utilizing my truest talents - as a teacher. Have I published books on the Polymer topics, Nope. Do I travel the world teaching courses? Nope. But, I DO have what many of you are lacking... the key that takes an artist to the next level... Marketing skills & PVA knowledge. 

PVA Knowledge, Really? Marketing knowledge, Really? Take a close, really close peak.   

Click the 'WINDOWS' tab at the top of the home page for a lot of my windows or
Would you like to take 3 guesses at what these windows are made of ? If you guessed Stained Glass, you missed it by a mile. It's custom tinted PVA applied to a glass surface. 1001% PVA. I know a LOT about PVA, & it changes WHAT can be done with our clay. Im now seriously considering NOT telling you about some cool things I was going to share. Liquid metal that air dries that is 100% PVA - thats what I created my lead lines from. The 'fill'.. you'ld faint IF you knew how I did that, & you could too. Hahaa, I saved my secrets for my kids, to pass them my family biz... they aren't artists & have found their own niches, so I was going to pass some of it to you guys. Hmmm, after such sweetness, how can I be rethinking that, huh?

And what of marketing? As far as I can see, the reason so many are so nervous is that they feel threatened. More artists mean less opportunity for them? Perhaps artists that 'have arrived' see all the fresh newer talent as a threat? When you combine talent with a niche' is when you have true success. Yes, I found a cool niche to put my knowledge of PVA to good use... but I also had truly ingenious marketing... or I would never have gone beyond having some really nice windows in my own home.

Last question...  while some are having a stroke over me posting some of there website material here... (yes, just reposting) what of true copyright laws. Everyone does Stroppel Canes... did every one of you get permission from Alice Stroppel before you did a Stroppel cane? We could go on & on going down that bunny trail. Of EVERY tut I've seen, perhaps 6 were genuinely original... the rest was revamping the same ol' thang. Does that mean they aren't of value? Of course not... but true copyright protection regards 'Unique Technique'. 

Copyright in art? Of course, I had to explore that closely, I actually had money to loose back in those days. Lets look at a few other windows. Do these 'artworks' look familiar at all?  Thomas Kinkade didn't invite me to burn in eternal flames. HaHaaaa, maybe perhaps because he doesn't work in polymer?!

I guess I'm a small person because I can't get beyond a hardy 'raspberry' for each of you that see fit to sharpen their teeth on me, and I prefer to bow a knee of thanx & gratitude to a TRUE artist, 1 that is pure at heart & understands the reality of art. I'm going to print her words in full  (I Don't tamper with perfection):

Diana Dailey
Had a question on my message board this morning. This is not the first time in my life I have been ask this.
Why do I share my knowledge so readily?
Aren't I afraid of someone profiting from me or my work?
Aren't I afraid of someone copying me?
They all phrase it a little different but still the same question.
When I went to art shows I was ask wasn't I afraid of others taking my customers?
My answer is...
The universe has enough for everyone, to get you must give.
I know nothing that in some way I haven't learned from others.
Our main job should be to help others no matter how small that help may be.
There is nothing I can teach or share with others that they can't learn from someone else.
You can't steel my customers because I don't own them, if they buy from you it doesn't mean that if not for you they would have bought from me.
The universe will give me what I deserve.
I am in competition with no one except myself, to be better today than yesterday.
You can't copy my work any more than you can copy my signature.
If your works looks like mine and you learned from me then I did a good job teaching what little I know.
If you take my idea and profit from it then I am glad for you, after all I learned it from someone else in some way.
The only thing that really matters in this life is kindnesses.

What a beautiful, eloquent & generous soul Diana has.
Diana, if you see this post, please know...
When I grow up I want to be just like you!

In closing... I Won't quit posting , because I won't quit growing & learning. You may smile at this irony, this site has been here for years & had only a hand full of followers, because I don't promote it... it's for Me. But since all the buzz, ugly as it has been, the site following has increased 25%. I imagine if you chew on me for another month or 2, it will be 'standing room only' for many more students. 

For those content to be students & Not sharpening your teeth on me...
Happy Claying!

This website article may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This material is being made available for the purpose of education, commentary and criticism, it is being distributed without profit, and is believed to be "fair use" in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107.

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  1. Brilliantly written. Common sense. Too many 'precious' people about. Diana Dailey said it best about art, learning and earning from it.😊