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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Faux Cloisonne with Mica - Rach0113

Cover the chipboard shape in black/color gesso (or acrylic paint) don't forget the edges and back side.
(Or use black Polymer Clay base.)

Use a Watermark Stamp Pad and dab the pad on to entire surface of the painted chipboard. The watermark stamp pad will make the enamel stick. (Product used: (BLACK) Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. The enamel MUST be black! No clear!)

Now using the watermark stamp pad and embossing enamel coat the piece a total of three times working on the projects surface in layers. Don't forget to use the heat gun after each application to set the embossing enamel.

Dab the triple coated enamel surface with a versamark watermark stamp pad (to moisten the surface to make the powder stick better) and then use "Perfect Pearls" Banger acid-free perfect pearl (mica powder) decorate the surface in random blotches with colors of your choice. (Any mica powder will work. Perfect Pearls & Pearl Ex are used in the video.)

Choose bold and open patterned stamps and make sure to ink the stamp with permanent gold ink prior to pressing it down. (Product used for permanent gold ink: Archival pigment ink pad "Brilliance" Galaxy Gold- The ink needs to be permanent upon heat setting)

Lastly use your heat gun on the piece prior to pressing your ink filled stamp down. The heat gun will soften the layers enough for the embossing to work its way around the stamp decoration. Slowly pull up the stamp and there will be an indent left behind from the stamp- the gold metallic ink will be recessed in to the stamped area.

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