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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Faux Cloisonne + Altered Jars - Rach0113

Awesome Technique & Look! Now, How do we use this for our Clay work???

Thinking Outside the Box:

Make the findings used out of clay to steampunk embellish our pieces
Squirt random lines of Elmers Glue around piece to mimic raised foil areas
Create charms to press into clay piece OR as jewelry accessories

I will cover a large form like an elephant & hangpiece around neck
Cover a large simple vase & hang one for the upper section to add interest

When I use aluminum foil I use a foam covered brayer that is used to paint walls  :-)

Remember - Acrylics, Findings (metal), Aluminum Foil, String or Twine
& even Elmer's Glue can be added either Before Or After Baking your clay. 

Happy Claying!

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