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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Create Palette Chips... for Free

As an artist, I see color inspiration everywhere. But, how do we lift the exact colors from that perfect photo? My solution is the Free program... Snap It by Sherwin Williams. There are several fun ways to play with this lovely toy.

1:  Go to there site & they will give you a BookMark add-on. Simply drag it to your BookMarks bar & any time you see color that moves you online, simply click the button & you are off & running. 20 seconds till Fab palette - WooHoo!

2:  Upload any photo from your computer & it will create your Palette in seconds.

3:  You can create an account for free. With the account you can save all your palettes created for future reference. You can also surf a selection of thousands of other users palettes.

Think Outside the Box:
The only downside is that saved palettes only save your 5 top picks, the 1st row of colors in the left column. IF you want to keep ALL 10 selections... here's an easy fix.

Install FireShot. It is available as both a FREE FireFox & Chrome add-on. While the 10 selections available are visible, take a screenshot of  'selected area & save'.

FREE Snap It Link:

ALERT:  Now the Million Dollar question, are you ready?

How would you like to take ANY color chip - ANY color imaginable... & easily turn that color into a perfect matching clay recipe? Don't miss my next post where I will be giving you the answer to that question.

For now, Happy Claying... & Chipping!  

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