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Monday, September 28, 2015

Mix Any & Every Color in Polymer Clay

Confessions of a Polymer Addict:

Hi. My name is Liz & I'm an addict with no sense of color mixing. I have shamefully devoted much time & money to attempting to mix the ultimate stunning color... sadly, more often than not I created a vague semblance of the true color I was striving for OR even more pathetic, mixed a useless pile of mud at the end of a long grueling mixing session.

Admit it - I can't be the only one, right?

Like Many, I searched the net for anything about mixing. The few sites that offered Paid tutorials were charging an absolute arm & a leg for a limited number of recipes - it would have costed a small fortune. And then a miracle happened. Are you ready for good news?

I saw an entry on Maggie Maggio's site (yes, the Ruler of the Realm of Color) referring to a system in development -  BreakThroughColour.  Instead of giving color recipes... it gave you a collection of CMYK cards - each card was a different color with ratio's for color mixing. I was so excited - I was finally going to mix fail safe colors. I was prepared to spend over $150- for an intro special being offered. Turned out the option to 'invest' had ended a few hours before. 

Turned out to be a Great blessing!

$150- is a pretty big chunk of change (at least in my corner of the world). I set out to learn all I could about CMYK color mixing because... with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, K (Black) & White... we can mix EVERY color in the rainbow. In the video above you see some screenshots of what I finally found... the Galaxy Gauge Color Pro System. They call it an 8 in 1 system... I count even more than eight!

Some of the PRO Kit & ToolBox Features
Color Harmonizer Color Wheel - Mix Ratios on every Color (168 ratio recipes)
Color Directory Chart - 78 'at a glance' ratio recipes
36 different 36 color charts - each color has ratio recipes
Palette matching guide  - again each color has mixing ratios
Complete ratio's for ALL tints & hues
30 Black to gray variation ratio recipes (seriously)
Pocket guide - 168 + 24 separate colors & ratios for color 'on the go'
Separate 'Soft Palette' Neutrals Guide with mixing ratio's
A large vinyl ruler - great for slicing canes ultra thin & uniform

Selling for 80% UNDER other System ~ $29.95 usd + s/h

So there you have it. IF you were also of the 'Color Challenged' group as I was, fret no more. Now, I will address the only drawback I could find.

CMYK color mixing is ultimately used for mixing paint pigment. Since the pigment in polymer clay fluctuates slightly, you may need to add a pinch more of this or that on occasion. But I have found it's often so close that it's not a problem EXCEPT with black. Black pigmentation is Very intense in polymer so I always mix the C-M-Y & then mix in the black in teansy increments. 

Ohhh, another Huge Great Perk... 

Every piece has a heavy laminate covering, dirty fingerprints wipe right off - Yeah!!! 

Looking for a ratio mixing system for only $14.95 + s/h?
They sell the Pocket 'ToolBox' kit - ALL the ratio's in 1/2 the size & at 1/2 the price - Crazy wonderful!
I picked up both & am absolutely tickled pink!!!

Trot on over to Galaxy Gauge's website & master 'all things color' today! 

PRO Graphic Design Set -$29.95 
Pocket ToolBox Set - $14.95     

I highly recommend Both IF your budget allows.
Happy Claying 

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