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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Learn Some New Tricks - Master Jon Stuart Anderson

Let's Learn From the ULTIMATE Polymer Artist 
Jon Stuart Anderson

Although the Polymer community is overflowing with exceptional Artisans, Jon is hands down recognized as the Ultimate Clayer. His use of technique, color, flow of his pieces as a whole & subject matter are unsurpassed.

Sadly for all of us that would give till it hurts for an opportunity to attend a live seminar or be able to purchase a pdf with his insight, he doesn't teach... at all. Quite clever on his part, darn it  :-)  But, there is a ton that we Can learn by scrutinizing his works. I, like so many, have had his work under a microscope for years to glean insight. Much of what we can learn of color harmony & basic techniques has been addressed via tutorials for years & all these techniques will be placed within this site.I'll also be addressing Fab Twists on tried & true techniques which will give even better results. Since I've never seen these techniques used or referred to anywhere else... I call them 'Thinking Outside the Box'.

Just a few of these little morsels that are around the corner?
1. Technique Tweaks: How to create the most intricate focal cane imaginable... literally Anything you can imagine can be made into a cane without distortion - surprisingly easy!

2. Tools: Do you know 1 of the central tools in my studio? Elmers Glue... seriously! It will open a whole new dimension to your Claying playtime.

3. Forms: 1 of the most appealing aspects of Jon's work is his subject matter... the forms his breath taking canes are displayed on. I'll be showing you where to get inexpensive forms & even better (I think) awesome 'Outside the Box' ideas for making your own.

For today, absorb the wisdom shared by all the other talented artists that are so generous with their wisdom. I currently have over 500 tutorials posted here, but most lost their tags & labels to the 'Google' snafu. Ill get them reposted over the next week or so, then be sure to keep your eye on the Tab at the top of the page called 'Out of the Box'  where Ill be putting a list these wonderful tips & shortcuts & How To's.

Ill also be posting some awesome tips for 'Outside the Box' texture & such... so Ill be adding an extra page for all the pdf texture sheets, hobby craft books (except the Polymer books, you'll have to go shopping for those)  & other items we'll all benefit from.

For today...  3 cheers for Jon & his exceptional talent & Happy Claying to all.