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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Little Page of my Links - All on my 'To Do' List

My Watch List 

English Sites:

Foreign Sites  (Not English):

Daily Watch List:

Need to Post:

lumiere paint techniques
faux abalone polym
Polymer Clay Faux Jasper
polymer jasper
make texture sheets

Foto Tutorials to Post:  keep hitting PREVIOUS

Zillion Good Sculpting Tuts:

Flicker Sites:

Facebook Links:

Just Polymer Clay Tutorials:

Archideedi Diana:

Meg Newberg - PolymerClayWorkshop

Polymer Clay Bead Making Tuts:



Polymer Clay TV:

Mama Gina:


Blick tutorials: 

Plaid tutorials: 

Ten Seconds - TONS of videos: 

Pinterest Boards to Watch:

Egg art of all types;

More FAUX (foreign):


Color & Mixing Tutorials:

Color Blog: 


Renaissance Wax Polish

 jacquard lumiere paint 

pure ice crackle polish

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