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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Fun with an Oldie but Goodie - Must Have Tool

Before we take a peak at the next New technique, 1st we need to sing the praises of an 'Oldie but Goodie' clay play toy. 3 cheers for our simple easy cheesy... Kaleidoscope mirror system. If you are newer to polymer clay, there is a chance you aren't familiar with this fabulous ditty. As you saw in the footage above, this simple and inexpensive gadget which is nothing more than 2 mirror pieces taped together will show you EVERY possible arrangement of your kaleidoscope design. I'm guessing you can pick up a compact or 2 at a $Dollar Store & remove the regular mirrors to work with. I bought 1 12"x12" mirror tile at Walmart years ago & it still serves me well. Here are just a few of the views you can use...

2 Pane:

6 Pane:

8 Pane:

Here is a sample of the type I use. It has a protective cloth covered base, but I also have a sheet of glass I can set over the cloth when working in clay. I simply removed the sheet of glass from an old picture frame. The cloth base is important for the next technique.

IF you are going to be putting your own together, simply use a good quality tape and secure the 2 sides together at the back. I use cloth (fibre) reinforced Duct Tape which takes a lot of use and abuse and holds firmly.

Now, it's time to brag on the clay Artist that created the video you saw above. Her name is Meg Newberg, the author of Cane Builder Magazine. As you saw in the video, Meg can build a Stunning Kaleidoscope that even a beginner to clay could whip up and look like an old pro! Her canes are so exciting; I have received Every single monthly issue of Cane Builder Magazine since the Spring of 2013, she always has an altogether new and fresh concept to deepen our love and skill of caning. It's Also an invaluable tool for the polymer clay Artist!

If by chance you aren't familiar with Meg's artwork, you should take a peak around her site
at   She has some wonderful Free tutorials for you to explore. And if you would like to see some samples of canes she offered in the Cane Builder E-zine in the past, you can see them at   I have never recommended a 'Paid' magazine or tutorial here before, but what Cane Builder has to offer is so unique and affordable, you really can't go wrong!

So, my fellow clayers, get your mirrors together and hang on to your hats... the next post will explore a New technique for doing kaleidoscopes.

I hope you get to clay, ummm... Play today!
Hugz from ClayPlay Liz

p/s: I found my comments from 2013 & 2015 regarding the magazine at the bottom of the page here:

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