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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

NEW Techniques, Fun NEW Tools & New Lingo

Hello fellow Artists, I hope you have all had a fabulous Christmas & are ready to hit the 'let's create something Awesome' ground running. My move is about 90% complete, & the rest of the boxes can sit another year... I'm ready for fun!

I'm going to be introducing some New techniques for you to add to your dance card. I have more fun than I can put into words with these techniques, but be warned... New techniques are going to require some new lingo. I will use terminologies here that won't apply anywhere else. For example, I will teach you quilting with clay... it's the 'terminology' that makes the most sense for this technique - but has NOTHING in common with the other 'known & familiar' clay quilting which involves stacking extruded pieces to form a cane.

It's silly, when you are doing something new, you have to have a 'name' for it. So, get ready for new... & know that you can call it anything that works for you. But, new techniques are going to involve some changes to my menu & techniques list, & I've got to be able find listed tutorials quickly. After all, this Artist is terribly creative & somewhat disorganized. I will also be adding a few outside interest posts, for example - a few of the recipes I adore. Cooking is also a creative outlet for me, and I have recipes that I love that I want to be able to access even if my PC crashes.

Some of the New tools I will introduce are awesome, because they are perfect go-togethers with polymer clay, but can also be used within other artistic mediums, if you want to expand your horizons. I worked as a 'Professionsl Artist' for 20 years & 1  (of the many) 1st things I learned was Not to be artistic medium exclusive. I did Artglass Windows, which was my passion... but we can all come to a place where we are lacking ideas or direction. If you have several areas of interest, the fires of creativity are always burning bright. So, I also made 3 different types of Kaleidoscopes. No, not Kaleidoscope Canes... actual Kaleidoscopes. I highly recommend although Polymer Clay is your passion, consider adding another artistic medium. I use clay as the foundation for all my creativity... but do integrate a LOT of other mediums with the clay to create unique artwork and have a lot of diversity... never a dull moment.

For example, I don't make jewelry for people, ever. But i Adore gemstones. I have a blast with WireWorking and needed to integrate that without making jewelry. So, I make large animal pieces akin to Jon Stuart Anderson's (except much bigger) & make uber cool 'collars' for them with a large 'gemstone' dangle. I also make 'faux' Raku & Horse Hair vases with coordinating gemstone that hangs from twine around the neck.

I'll share a few new ideas with you, integrate what interests you with the tons of brilliant techniques already perfected & ready for you from the 100's of generous artists that have paved the way for us...
and have an incredible artistic journey!

      Happy Claying!

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